Michael now a Nikon World Magazine Columnist

Earlier this year I became a columnist for Nikon World Magazine. I took over the Workshop column, which was formerly written by celebrated Sports Illustrated photographer Dave Black. The Workshop column discusses images created using specific Nikon gear and gives the details of how readers can create similar images. Nikon World is published quarterly and the Workshop column appears in the Spring and Fall issues. It is a great honor to work with the editors at Nikon World and it is also a phenomenal showcase for my images. You can check out the Spring 2010 article on the Nikon World website, which details the use of one of my favorite lenses – the fisheye. For years I have called this lens my secret weapon because it works so well for a wide variety of adventure images. If you want to get the magazine you can subscribe to it online at www.nikonusa.com.

  • Daf - Woo – never knew about Nikon World – thanks for the heads up.

    If you could suggest to them to have a RSS feed of when new articles come out online – that would be great.

  • Michael Clark - Daf –

    I’ll suggest it to them but as the magazine is an incredible printed magazine on fine paper I am amazed that they put the articles online. New articles go up when a new issue comes out – the online articles are just one issue behind the printed magazine.

  • Jepo Mat - Hi,

    The article is no longer on the Nikon site. Aaaaarrrrgh !

    Would you have a PDF that you could send or a backup web location ?

    Many thanks !


  • Michael Clark - Jepo – Sadly, I do not have a PDF copy of that article.

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