Each year I teach several workshops on a variety of topics including adventure photography, digital workflow and artificial lighting. Below is a listing of the workshops I will be teaching this year. As you scroll down you can read descriptions about each of these workshops and find out how to register for each one. If you are interested in a private workshop please contact me and we can discuss options and pricing. I hope to see you out there in the field this year.

Surfing Photography – North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii – February 19-22, 2015

National Geographic Traveler Seminar: Outdoor Adventure Photography – Boston University – Boston, MA – March 22, 2015

National Geographic Traveler Seminar: Adventure Travel Photography – National Geographic Society – Washington, D.C. – April 12, 2015

Adventure Photography: A Multimedia Experience – Santa Fe Workshops – Santa Fe, NM – May 11-14, 2015

Mentor Series Photo Trek – Grand Tetons – Jackson, WY – June 25 – 28, 2015

Across the Patagonian Ice Field – Vertical Shot Expeditions – Patagonia Ice Cap, Argentina – January 25 – February 4, 2016

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Workshop Testimonials:

“Michael set an incredibly high bar for his workshop. He gave 110%, covered a broad range of topics and did an outstanding job.” – Chris Council, Adventure Photography Workshop, Summer 2010

“Thanks for running such a great workshop. I couldn’t have chosen better photo shoot locations, and the post-shoot critiques were invaluable. It’s the first time I’ve had my work reviewed, and I learned a ton from each session. While I didn’t go into the workshop expecting to pick-up too many marketing and business tips, I’ve come out of last week inspired to set-up my photo website in earnest.” – Jeff Hylok, Adventure Photography Workshop, Summer 2010

“The recent Adobe Lightroom Intensive Workshop in Seattle was excellent. The two-day format was perfect–just enough time to cover all the important features but not so much time as to be draining or get in the way of work. Michael Clark was an outstanding instructor. Not only was he clear, concise, and comprehensive, but his manner was friendly and equable. The fact that he is also a working professional photographer made the instruction all the more relevant. I have used previous versions of Lightroom, but it had been a while and I had recently upgraded. I was able to review some things I knew, learn about new features, and change my perspective on some workflow steps. An absolutely great workshop that I recommend wholeheartedly.” – Karen Huntt, Lightroom Workshop, Spring 2011

“Thanks again for such a terrific workshop. I have taken one other two day Lightroom workshop, but your’s is the best!” – Vance Thompson, Lightroom Workshop, Spring 2011

“Just wanted you know how much fun I had during the workshop last weekend! I learned a lot a look forward to doing other workshops with you.” – Jason Quevedo, Philadelphia Mentor Series Trek, Fall 2009

“Your workshop at Santa Fe was too good and I came away with a lot of knowledge and renewed energy. The level of expertise that you and Michael shared was top-notch and I hope to repeat this experience again. Thanks for such a great workshop!” – Participant in the 2008 Balloon Fiesta workshop taught by Andy Biggs and myself.

“My mind is still spinning and I can’t help but smile every time I think of the wonderful experience garnered from our workshop. Between what I learned from the two of you, as well as from my talented classmates – this was a great experience, and I would do it again.” – Participant in the 2008 Balloon Fiesta workshop taught by Andy Biggs and myself.

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Surfing Photography Workshop

February 19-22, 2015


Workshop Leaders: Brian Bielmann and Michael Clark

Location: Turtle Bay Hilton Resort, Oahu North Shore, Hawaii

About The Workshop: Join legendary surfing photographer Brian Bielmann and adventure sports photographer Michael Clark for an exciting one-of-a-kind workshop that delves into the world of surfing photography. Brian is a top surfing photographer who has been shooting the sport for more than 25 years. Michael brings his adventure photography skills and knowledge as well as his in-depth experience with digital workflow to round out the workshop.

This 4-day workshop combines daily photo shoots at world-class surfing locations and classroom instruction. We will be spending half of our time shooting in the early mornings and in the late afternoon and evenings when the waves and the light are at their best. The other half of our time will be spent in the classroom. All of the classroom instruction will be centered around image critiques, discussions on gear, strategies and the business of photography as well as in-depth discussions on shooting surfing. We’ll also cover digital workflow in detail using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Version 5.X.

The workshop is scheduled during a period where large waves hit the north shore frequently. Though we cannot predict or guarantee the wave size or surfing conditions, the north shore of Oahu serves up sizable waves on a nearly daily basis.

Workshop Schedule

Day 1 – Morning: Introduction to surfing photography, gear selection, camera setup and shooting options.

Day 1 – Afternoon/Evening: Cover basic digital workflow and then head out to shoot at the world-famous Pipeline on the north shore of Oahu.

Day 2 – Morning: Dawn Patrol: Early morning surfing shoot on the north shore of Oahu – actual surf break to be determined depending on conditions.

Day 2 – Afternoon/Evening: Group critique of previous days images, discussion of underwater photography and shooting from the water. Evening shoot with strobes on the north shore of Oahu – actual surf break to be determined depending on conditions.

Day 3 – Morning: Dawn Patrol: Early morning surfing shoot on the north shore of Oahu – actual surf break to be determined depending on conditions.

Day 3 – Afternoon/Evening: Group critique of previous days images, portrait shoot on the beach with male and female surfers.

Day 4 – Morning: Dawn Patrol: Early morning surfing shoot on the north shore of Oahu – actual surf break to be determined depending on conditions.

Day 4 – Afternoon: Group critique of previous days images, wrap up and discussions on the art of surfing photography.

Please note that locations may change depending on conditions.

About the Instructors: Brian Bielmann is a legendary surfing photographer. He has shot everything from fashion, to rock stars, to surf. From world champ surfers Mark Richards to Andy Irons, he has captured them all and just about everything else important that has happened on Hawaii’s North Shore since 1975. He was there to document the early days of Teahupo’o (Tahiti) and put a fresh perspective on it ten years later with his underwater images. He is well known for not only his above water surfing images but even more for his stunning underwater images of surfing. Able to shoot more than just the action Brian also captures the spirit and faces of surfing. You can see more of Brian’s work at Michael Clark is an internationally published outdoor photographer specializing in adventure sports, travel and landscape photography. He produces intense, raw image of athletes pushing their sports to the limit and has risked life and limb on a variety of assignments to bring back stunning images of rock climbers, mountaineers, kayakers and mountain bikers in remote locations around the world. He contributes to National Geographic, Sports Illustrated, Outside, Men’s Journal, Backpacker, Outdoor Photographer, Digital Photo Pro, Climbing, Alpinist, Rock and Ice, Bike Magazine and The New York Times among many others.

The Cost: The cost of this workshop is $1,295.00 per person. The same rate applies for each participant regardless of whether they are doing photography and participating in the workshop, or not. A deposit of $500 is required to secure your spot on the workshop. Final balance will be due no later than January 15, 2015.

Please note: We will attempt to adhere to this itinerary as much as possible. However, certain conditions, such as bad weather, may necessitate changes in the itinerary. We reserve the right to alter any itinerary at any time, if necessary.

Accommodations: The classroom portion of the workshop will be held at the Turtle Bay Resort on the north shore of Oahu. We have negotiated a group rate that is discounted from their advertised prices. To receive the discounted rate, please mention the Surfing Photography Workshop. Please note that there are few if any other hotels on this side of the island. If you would prefer to stay elsewhere there are also hotels in Haleiwa, which is 12 miles south of the hotel and approximately a 30 minute commute.

Transportation: Most major airlines service the island of Oahu, Hawaii. Honolulu, the major city on the island is approximately one hour south of the north shore and our hotel. The Turtle Bay Reset is located on the northern tip of Oahu and is somewhat remote. The hotel has a restaurant, golf course, tennis courts and of course is located right next to the beach. We do not provide transportation during the workshop. Please plan ahead and reserve a rental car. Rental cars are available in Honolulu. Of course, we will share vehicles and car pool to make life easier for all of us. We are not responsible for reimbursement of non-refundable airline tickets in the event of a workshop cancellation.

Workshop Materials: All participants will be given a copy of Michael’s e-book entitled Adobe Photoshop Lightroom:
A Professional Photographer’s Workflow, which details his complete workflow from start to finish. You will need to bring the following equipment with you: a 35mm digital SLR camera with interchangeable lenses, a laptop computer with a DVD burner or an external hard drive – PC or Mac is acceptable (Instructors will be using Mac), Adobe Photoshop Lightroom software installed on your computer (you can download the 30-day trial version of Lightroom before the workshop if you don’t already have the software), Digital memory cards with a card reader (preferably CompactFlash or Secure Digital Cards), power adapters and cables for laptop and digital camera, camera manual, batteries and charger for rechargeable batteries.

It is expected that you know how to download images from your camera to the laptop, know basic editing techniques using your software, and are able to organize the edited images for critique.

Telephoto Lenses and Underwater Camera Housings: Also since surfing photography relies on large telephoto lenses, each participant will need to bring a telephoto lens that is at least 400mm. A 500mm or 600mm lens is preferred. If you don’t own one of these lenses please rent or borrow one to bring with you. Please contact Michael or Brian with any questions about lens selection and rental options. Both B&H and Samy’s Camera in the USA have rental houses that can rent these lenses. We also have a special deal with Hawaii Photo Rental Oahu who have 500mm and 600mm lenses for both Canon and Nikon and will be renting these to workshop participants at discounted rates ranging from $323 to $550. Call Josh Strickland at Hawaii Photo Rental Oahu at (808) 735-3838 for more information on renting one of these lenses.

Also, if you plan to shoot in the water please bring your underwater camera housing. Brian has several underwater housings for Canon cameras and will have these available for those that want to try them out.

Registration: If you’ve always wanted to shoot the amazing sport of surfing, then now is the time to register. Remember, there will be limited space available for this workshop. When they’re spoken for, that’s it. If you have any questions before registering, send us an e-mail with any inquiries to To register for the workshop send me an email and I’ll send you a payment request for the deposit and a packet of information about the workshop.

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National Geographic Traveler Seminar: Outdoor Adventure Photography

Boston University – Boston, MA

March 22, 2015


Creating images that capture incredible outdoor adventures requires technical savvy, familiarity with the environment, and an eye for composition. National Geographic photographer Michael Clark will inspire you with the drama of his adventure photography. You will learn how to apply his techniques to take your own outdoor photography skills to a new level—whether it’s kayaking a canyon, hiking a mountain, exploring a National Park, or simply taking in a breathtaking view near your own backyard.

For more information on this one day seminar visit the National Geographic Traveler Photography Seminar website.

Cost: $125

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National Geographic Traveler Seminar: Adventure Travel Photography

National Geographic Society – Washington, D.C.

April 12, 2015


If you’ve ever traveled to an exotic location or dream about exploring one, this seminar will give you tools to capture the true adventures you experience more skillfully. National Geographic photographers Nevada Wier and Michael Clark will share strategies and techniques to help you become a more versatile photographer when you travel to new surroundings. Learn how to capture the essence of new cultures and people, take great action shots, and work with any type of light. With insights from the pros, you’ll come away with a creative approach that brings more emotional impact to your images and enriches your journeys.

For more information on this one day seminar visit the National Geographic Traveler Photography Seminar website.

Cost: $199

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Adventure Photography: A Multimedia Experience

May 11-14, 2015


Adventure photography can be an adventure in itself, involving breathtaking locations, extreme conditions, and working with elite athletes in risky situations. It requires a host of skills, including technical excellence with the camera, familiarity with a sport, and the ability to be mindful of your goals and safety at all times. Capturing motion footage and still images adds even more complexity and equipment.

During our five days together, we work with incredible athletes in easy-to-access locations to create stellar still images and compelling motion footage.We concentrate on creating unique images of rock climbing, whitewater kayaking, mountain biking, and trail running. Working with elite athletes and using Northern New Mexico’s breathtaking landscape as our backdrop, we explore innovative ways to capture the essence of each sport and location.

Topics covered include research and preparation; composition and camera angles; equipment selection and utilization; use of natural light, fill flash, and battery-powered strobes; autofocus techniques; and the all-important time management. Classroom time involves daily editing and critiquing sessions, as well as one-on-one meetings with Michael. In addition, Michael shares his experiences in—and insights into—the adventure marketplace, elaborating on career development, portfolios, and how to photograph for stock, editorial, and commercial clients.

Bring the excitement of adventure sports to your work as you master the skills to create top-notch still and motion content.

Who Should Attend: Advanced Amateurs and Professionals

For more information visit the Santa Fe Workshops website.

Tuition & Fees: Tuition: $1,045.00

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Mentor Series Photo Trek – Grand Tetons

June 25 – 28, 2015

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER – Use code “MC50″ to get a $50 discount on this workshop. 

Highlights of the workshop will include sunrise shoots at Glacier View Turnout and Schwabachers Landing, where you will witness the mountain peaks and early morning light perfectly reflected in the glasslike surface of the Snake River. Photograph the iconic barns and homesteads at Mormon Row and views of the Cathedral Group of peaks from the Chapel of the Transfiguration. We will be on the lookout for moose, elk, deer, eagles and American bison at Jenny Lake, and beavers tending their dams at Oxbow Bend.

A visit to a local ranch will provide an exclusive opportunity to photograph fly fishermen and ranchers with their horses and other livestock, as well as cowboys in their typical gear. Experience the quiet beauty and history of one of our nation’s most cherished national parks and emblems of the American Frontier.

For more information visit the Mentor Series website.

Workshop fee: $1,525

Includes snacks and water on the bus, transportation to each shooting location, park permit and entrance fees, in-field instruction, presentations, and digital review sessions.

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Across the Patagonian Ice Field – Life on the Ice, Southern Argentina

January 25 – February 4, 2016

Location: Patagonia Ice Cap, Argentina


As far as we know, a photographic workshop has never before been held on the Patagonian Ice Field. We are extremely thrilled to announce this first-of-its-kind expedition for photographers.

You have surely seen thousands of images of the iconic mountains Cerro Torre and Fitz Roy. But how many photos have you seen shot from the other side of these mountains? That’s right – not many. Yet the views from the ice cap are far more striking than those from the easily accessible viewpoints by the road. The Patagonian Ice Field is the third largest mass of ice on Earth and is a virtually untouched remote wilderness area.

The adventure will be led by two highly experienced mountain guides and the American outdoor photographer Michael Clark. Michael’s work is used by many notable organizations. The expedition is eleven days long, and you will spend a week of this trekking across the ice cap and photographing the stunning Marconi glacier, Cerro Torre, Fitz Roy and numerous other majestic peaks rising straight from the ice. The experience may be similar to landing on the Moon, in that the landscape will be unlike anything that you have photographed before.

This workshop is limited to six participants. At the end of this expedition, we will spend an entire day recovering in El Chalten, working up images and critiquing the images created on this expedition.

For a detailed itinerary and much more information on this exciting workshop visit the Vertical Shot Expedition website.

Workshop fee: $6,100
Please Note that this expedition is being run by Vertical Shot Expeditions, which is a European company so payments will be sent to Europe.

This is a strenuous trek in a harsh environment. No technical skills or previous glacier walking experience are required, but participants must to have camping and trekking experience prior to starting the expedition. When completing the booking form, please outline your previous outdoor experience. You should be fit to hike with a 50 pound (25 kg) backpack for 6-8 hours per day (unless you wish to hire a porter and trek just with your camera gear).