Going to Extremes on Nikonusa.com

Nikon USA has published an article on what you can learn from an adventure photographer titled Going to Extremes on the Nikon USA website in the Learn and Explore section. The article includes twelve images shot digitally with Nikon equipment and also talks about my recent experiences shooting surfing for my book Adventure Photography: Capturing the World of Outdoor Sports.One specific quote from the article really caught my attention:

“…when we talked to him recently we wondered how he’d approached what was for him an entirely new area of sports activity (i.e. Surfing). His answer made us realize that no matter what our photo interests, there’s something to be learned from the techniques and methods of the extreme sports shooter.”

As always, it is an honor to work with Nikon and see my images on their website and in the mix. My thanks to Nikon USA.

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