Featured Photographer on the World Open PhotoBlog

The World Open of Photography photo competition might just the biggest photo competition ever held. In addition to its size and scope, the competition offers up $50,000 in prize money, which as far as I know is the biggest purse ever offered for a photography competition. Aside from these facts, there is an incredible number of amazing images on the World Open of Photography website.

I was honored to be a featured photographer on The Open Photoblog (as seen above). After submitting images, I was notified last Friday that my submission of images had been chosen to be featured on the PhotoBlog. You can view the selection of images I submitted by clicking here.

From The Open website here are the details on this contest: The SOLO competition is open through October 31, 2012. The category winner and Photographer of the Year will be announced on November 30, 2012. The SOLO online competition is a gallery of single images, where half of the finalists are selected by an expert panel of judges and the other half are driven by public voting, fueled by the major social media platforms. The Photographer of the Year and the category winners share $25,000US. The other half of the competition is a live slideshow where the winner takes home $21,000. This Live slideshow event will take place in the spring of 2013. Check The Open website for more details.

Because half of the judging for the Photographer of the Year competition is driven by public voting I encourage anyone reading this that enjoys my work to vote for my images. You can vote for any of my images by clicking here and then clicking on the hearts next to the images. Note that you will have to register to cast votes. If you are a photographer that wants submit some of your images to the contest I can say that it is a very affordable contest – especially compared to most photography contests, which cost ten times as much.

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