Feature Article on my work in Digital Photo Magazine (Germany)

It is a great honor to have an 8-page feature article and interview about my work in the January 2013 issue of Digital Photo Magazine (Germany). The article features quite a few of my images (as can be seen in the double page spreads shown here) and has a lengthy interview (in German) with Ana Barzakova. The article includes some very kind comments on my work. The sub-title on the opening spread states, “The American photographer Michael Clark is one of the most well-known extreme sports photographers in the world. Why he chose this dangerous genre and how he creates his spectacular action shots, he reveals in an interview with Digital Photo.”

The first paragraph continues, “Michael Clark wants to be open and has no fear to share his knowledge and experience to all photo enthusiasts. Hard work and a pinch of self-criticism are always for him the essential ingredients for successful images. For over 16 years, he has been one of the most prestigious American action photographers.” This opening line refers to my latest book Exposed: Inside the Life and Images of a Pro Photographer, where I am quite open about the trials and tribulations that have gone into my career over the last 16 years.

These quotes were translated from the German text. If you speak German and would like to read the entire article you can download a PDF of the article from my website.

My thanks to Ana and the editors at Digital Photo Magazine for tracking me down and featuring the me and my work in the magazine.

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