The 2013 Red Bull Illume Image Quest

I don’t normally promote photo competitions on my blog but the Red Bull Illume Image Quest is the grand-daddy of them all for adventure photographers. And there are only seven days left to enter your images in this contest. Winning any of the categories in this contest can help to kick start your career as the images will be seen by potential clients. This contest has literally helped kickstart a few photographer’s careers. If you shoot adventure images, I highly recommend that you enter the competition. It is free to enter and while it does take some time to format the images end enter all the info it is worth it in my opinion.

I know a few folks have had some reservations after reading the fine print for this competition. Red Bull does not ask for your copyright or anything like that. And as is standard with any photo competition they do ask for the rights to use the winning image(s) to promote the competition. That is pretty standard for any photo contest. Basically, Red Bull just wants to find the most insane, stellar adventure sports images out there and promote them and the photographers. And the overall winner wins a Leica S2 medium format camera system worth over $20,000.

I have already entered quite a few of my images – a few of which can be seen above and below here. While I shoot for Red Bull on occasion, and the image below was shot while on assignment for them, I am not promoting this event just because I work with them, but rather because it is a top-notch, class event. Thanks to Red Bull for promoting adventure photography in all it’s forms.

To enter your images in the contest got the Red Bull Illume website.

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