Announcing Limited and Open Edition Fine Art Prints

I am happy to announce a Limited Edition series of fine art archival pigment prints as well as an Open Edition series of fine art prints. For the Limited Edition fine art prints I have chosen thirty of my best-known images. The Open Edition encompasses any and all of my other images. Pricing for each series of prints depends on the size of the print. You can read more about my pricing and our satisfaction guarantee for these prints on my website.

The photographic process has traditionally meant that a finished print was created at the end of the process. Since the late 80’s, most commercial photographers rarely finished out the process of printing their work because they had to give up control of the final print. Printing has traditionally been a tedious and laborious process. With the advent of digital printing, we now have complete control over the final print. Creating a fine art print is still a tedious process but the end results are prints with much finer detail, color rendition and resolution than has ever been seen before. I can now create prints of my work that share my vision and my intent exactly as I want to present it. Hence, I am very excited to offer my images as high-resolution archival pigment prints in both Limited and Open editions.

These archival prints are pain-stakingly created by some of the best fine art printers in the United States. We print on Canon and Epson printers and work with a variety of papers including both fine art matte papers and Baryta Photographic papers. The printer and paper combination is chosen specifically for each image so that each image will be rendered with the highest possible resolution and the widest color gamut.

The Limited Edition prints are offered in editions of 40 prints total at any size. Each print will be signed and numbered. As I produce new work I will add those rare images that qualify to the Limited Edition series. The three images pictured in this blog post are part of the Limited Edition series. Please note that the images on this website do not show the all of the detail and the extended color gamut of the fine-art prints we produce in-house.

If you are interested in purchasing a print please do not hesitate to contact me and we can discuss the options. You can view the images available as Limited Editions and Open Editions on my website.

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