A big push on Instagram

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I have been slacking on the Instagram front for quite some time, but the slacking is over. In an effort to up my game on all things social media I am making a big push to upload images to Instagram regularly. I am not posting images to Instagram just to gain more followers. Instagram is a great place to view incredible photography from photographers all over the world – and to see those behind the scenes images from photographers on assignment. The thought of being able to share images with thousands of people instantly is also a very powerful attraction, which is the entire reason Instagram is so popular.

I promise not to upload images of my latest meal or any non-substantive images of any sort. If you are so inclined to follow me on Instagram I will try my best to make it worth your while and I will respond to questions, comments and feedback as it comes in. I know this is a bit strange to advertise an Instagram account on my blog but I have so many readers of my Newsletter and this blog that may or may not be on Instagram that it made sense to put up a simple blog post here. I hope to see your images on Instagram as well.

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