Podcast interview on Shootforthrill.com

Earlier this month I was interviewed by Chris Smith, Founder & Host of the Shoot For Thrill Podcast. The podcast is one of the top photography related podcasts in iTunes and focuses on successful photographers that are at the top of their craft who desire to inspire others. During the podcast we talked about how I got started in photography, from my roots as an artist all the way through to starting my career. We also discussed how I go about shooting rock climbing, as an example, and my beginnings shooting surfing out in Hawaii.

In the interview, we discussed some of the struggles I have faced while making a career as an adventure photographer, my successes, and some of the gear I use. You can find the interview on the Shootforthrill.com website. You can also find it on iTunes.

My thanks to Chris for tracking me down and interviewing me. Hope you enjoy the podcast.

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