New Gear Page with links to B&H Photo Video

Just a note here that I have created a whole new page here on the blog that details all of the equipment that I use. You can find that new page by clicking on the Gear link at the top of this page. Below is a screenshot of that new page to give you a feel for what the Gear page looks like. There is a ton of gear featured on this page so keep scrolling down to see everything. I will be adding quick links to each section shortly.

This page details everything from the cameras and lenses I use all the way down to the computers, hard drives and even the small accessory straps that I use for my cords. Every item is linked to B&H Photo & Video. At the tope of each section is a little blurb about some of the gear items in that section. I hope this is a good resource for those that are looking to expand their kit. I will update this section as I update my gear.

Also, note that the Camera Bag section on my website, under the Behind the Scenes menu, has been updated as well with similar links to B&H. My thanks to B&H for providing the banner that will feature special offers on Nikon equipment.


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