Being in the right place at the right time

Yesterday, while shooting images at the 2007 Albuquerque Ballooon Fiesta I was looking for a shot of people standing outside of a balloon while I was standing inside the balloon as it was being inflated. I had no control of anything as I was shooting in a photojournalistic style and I had nothing really set up. I knew it would look better with a bright balloon so I picked one out that was just starting to be inflated and chatted with the owner and pilot – hoping that I might get what I was looking for.

As I have found to be the case quite often, if you are prepared luck seems to find you more often than not. In this case four figures started to help pull the balloon out just opposite me and I got the above photo which seems to have some kind of religious overtones. It is as if the people, who look like ghosts or apparitions are worshiping the balloon or the early morning sun which had just risen. Of course they turned out to be crew for the adjacent balloon and I just got lucky – and snapped 40 or 50 images before it was too late.

I just thought I would share this image on the blog. I was really excited when I saw those folks and got some incredible images yesterday morning at an event with thousands of people and 800 + balloons rising into the desert sky. It is a photographers dream event…look for more images in the winter issue of the newsletter.

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