Adventure Journal Interview: The Athlete’s Photographer

adventure-journal-interviewAdventure Journal did an interview with me last week for their venerable website, It went live last Friday, and it featured some interesting questions – quite different than the normal ones I get. It also had one of the best intros I have ever read for one of my interviews. The author, Brook Sutton, prefaced the article with the following:

“There’s something exquisite about watching someone do something really well. It could be bowling, as far as I’m concerned. When someone moves in a way they’ve trained and practiced and were born to move, it’s visual poetry.

Capturing that fusion of grace and power in a still image is another thing entirely. Michael Clark has the eye. Perhaps it’s because he’s an athlete, too, that he understands the crux moments of movement. In a single frame, he’s able to somehow show both the intensity and emotion of the human body, and the enormity of the landscape that body is moving through. That ain’t easy.

Clark’s images, while heavy in adventure, don’t discriminate: fringe to mainstream and backcountry to urban are all fair game. Lest we pigeonhole his skills to just shooting sports, his full portfolio is stuffed with character-rich portraits and jaw-dropping landscapes, too. But today we’re feeling inspired by, as Clark calls it, “the fleeting moment of passion, gusto, flair, bravado.” Enjoy.”

The images were collected from my Instagram account for the article. My thanks to the Adventure Journal and Brook Sutton for the great interview! Check out the full interview on the Adventure Journal website.

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