Phenomenal article on the photo industry over on

It seems like I have been having a lot of discussions about the photo industry these days with other photographers, some of whom are top notch big name photographers whose photos we see all the time. Instead of writing a blog post detailing all of those discussions I thought I’d point you to a phenomenal blog post that Rob Haggart just put up on his blog where he interviews commercial photographer Clint Clemens.  To read that interview click here.

Clint basically talks about the influx of new photographers in the industry and how that has affected supply and demand, and also how the current economic troubles have forced companies to become more efficient. Add to that the growing Chinese fascination with photography and the supply and demand quotient is about to change again radically, and not for the better for the aspiring pro photographer.

Clint basically covers all aspects of the photo business right now including barriers to entry, motion (video), teaching workshops, finding assignments and the overall current state of the industry. I haven’t seen any other blog post or article that is this insightful anywhere – so that is why I am writing a blog post about it. If you are a pro or are looking to throw your hat into the ring of pro photography I highly advise reading Rob’s blog post. Thanks Rob!

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