Bogen Cafe Webinar with Michael Clark

Bogen will conduct a webinar with me on July 17, 2009 talking about my experiences as an adventure sports photographer. The webinar is an interactive interview with Bogen Product manager David Fisher, where participants will be able to listen in on the interview, ask questions and get answers and are also eligible to win one of three Gitzo Traveler Series 2 Carbon Fiber 6X Monopods. For more information about the webinar click here to go to the Bogen Website. If you would like to sign up for the webinar you can Register here!

The Webinar is FREE and will take place Friday, July 17th from 2 pm to 3 pm EDT! During this session David & Michael will discuss:

– Adventure photography fundamentals (light, autofocus, histograms, exposure)
– Artificial lighting
– Photo equipment
– Outdoor gear
– How to approach and shoot rock climbing, mountain biking and whitewater kayaking
– What it takes to be a pro!

Bogen Imaging, which is the US supplier for such great gear as Elinchrom strobes, Gitzo and Bogen Tripods, Avenger Light stands and many other fine products, has been an imaging partner for a number of years now. This should be a very exciting and informative webinar that I think many will find very interesting.

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