National Geographic Extreme Photo of the Week

An image I produced last year for Red Bull is on the National Geographic website on the “Extreme Photo of the Week” Page. This image (above) of Jon DeVore jumping off a 3,000-foot cliff in a wingsuit was shot in southwestern Utah last summer. As usual with Red Bull, it was an amazing assignment full of exciting moments. Working with the Red Bull Air Force team is never dull. To create this image I shot at 8 frames per second with a fisheye lens and then composited a series of images together in Adobe Photoshop to show the trajectory of his fall. This jump was incredibly technical. About 1,000 feet below the top of the cliff there is a 50-foot ledge and the crew had six seconds to get enough air under their wings and start flying away from the cliff or they would hit the ledge. And on top of that they had to make a hard left turn fairly quickly since they were jumping into a rather narrow canyon. For the full story on this shoot check out my Summer 2010 Newsletter.

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