Each year I teach several workshops and give a few seminars on a variety of topics including adventure photography, digital workflow and artificial lighting. Below is a list of the upcoming workshops I will be teaching and seminars I will be giving. As you scroll down you can read descriptions about each of these workshops and find out how to register for each one. I am also offering an array of online workshops as well as in-person workshops.

Also, If you are interested in a private one-on-one workshop please contact me and we can discuss options and pricing. I also do one-on-one online consulting and tutoring on a wide variety of photography topics. At some point when it is safe to gather and travel, I hope to see you out there in the field this year.

Japan: The Art of Motion – Nobechi Creative – Japan – May 16-24, 2023

Japan: The Fall Colors of Shinshu and Hida – Nobechi Creative – Japan – October 20-29, 2023

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Workshop Testimonials:

“Michael is the best instructor I have taken a workshop from.” – Participant, Cutting-Edge Lighting Workshop

“Michael certainly knows his stuff. From Capture to Print: The Complete Digital Photographer’s Workflow is delivered in an easy to follow and comprehensive manner that covers many things that you may not expect – such as how to choose proper lighting to view and evaluate your prints or what color shirt to wear when you’re correcting images. I really appreciated that this is a pro workflow course delivered by a pro photographer. Michael is also a superb teacher, a superb communicator, who is welcoming and inviting of questions from all his participants. I took this workshop in June of 2020, using Zoom software. I was really amazed by how Michael made it seem like he’s been doing these workshops forever this way! Thank you Michael! It was a great pleasure being part of this workshop with so many others amazing photographers and a great pleasure to meet you. I learned much which is valuable to me and enjoyed doing so at the same time.  And just to reiterate, as to the workshop: I’m impressed.” – Stephen Starkman, Toronto

“Within the short time I’ve been studying and practicing photography, I have had teachers who are good educators, but not great photographers, and vice versa, but few who are both. Count yourself in these narrow ranks…I went through 4 years of college and several careers getting less candid advice and encouragement than I got in 4 days with you. For what it is worth, thank you for that.” – Brandon McMahon, Adventure Photography Workshop, Spring 2015

“Michael set an incredibly high bar for his workshop. He gave 110%, covered a broad range of topics and did an outstanding job.” – Chris Council, Adventure Photography Workshop, Summer 2010

“Thanks for running such a great workshop. I couldn’t have chosen better photo shoot locations, and the post-shoot critiques were invaluable. It’s the first time I’ve had my work reviewed, and I learned a ton from each session. While I didn’t go into the workshop expecting to pick-up too many marketing and business tips, I’ve come out of last week inspired to set-up my photo website in earnest.” – Jeff Hylok, Adventure Photography Workshop, Summer 2010

“The recent Adobe Lightroom Intensive Workshop in Seattle was excellent. The two-day format was perfect–just enough time to cover all the important features but not so much time as to be draining or get in the way of work. Michael Clark was an outstanding instructor. Not only was he clear, concise, and comprehensive, but his manner was friendly and equable. The fact that he is also a working professional photographer made the instruction all the more relevant. I have used previous versions of Lightroom, but it had been a while and I had recently upgraded. I was able to review some things I knew, learn about new features, and change my perspective on some workflow steps. An absolutely great workshop that I recommend wholeheartedly.” – Karen Huntt, Lightroom Workshop, Spring 2011

“Thanks again for such a terrific workshop. I have taken one other two day Lightroom workshop, but your’s is the best!” – Vance Thompson, Lightroom Workshop, Spring 2011

“Just wanted you know how much fun I had during the workshop last weekend! I learned a lot a look forward to doing other workshops with you.” – Jason Quevedo, Philadelphia Mentor Series Trek, Fall 2009

“Your workshop at Santa Fe was too good and I came away with a lot of knowledge and renewed energy. The level of expertise that you and Michael shared was top-notch and I hope to repeat this experience again. Thanks for such a great workshop!” – Participant in the 2008 Balloon Fiesta workshop taught by Andy Biggs and myself.

“My mind is still spinning and I can’t help but smile every time I think of the wonderful experience garnered from our workshop. Between what I learned from the two of you, as well as from my talented classmates – this was a great experience, and I would do it again.” – Participant in the 2008 Balloon Fiesta workshop taught by Andy Biggs and myself.

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Japan: The Art of Motion

May 16-24, 2023

Location: A Photographic Expedition Through the mountains of Central Japan

Register for Japan: The Art of Motion Workshop

Not just a travel photo tour, not just a lighting workshop, but a unique opportunity to photograph Japan in Motion: Martial artists, theatre performers, bullet trains and festivals to create a strong, dynamic body of work that will have your friends and colleagues in awe of your photography, while learning invaluable lighting techniques courtesy of Michael, and diving deeply into the beautiful Japanese culture through George.

Japan is a country constantly on the move. With the fastest bullet trains in the world, and sports old and new, there are ample opportunities to create ambitious images of both the modern and ancient Japanese culture in motion. In this photography workshop with Michael Clark and George Nobechi we will push ourselves to create dynamic images that impart motion into the world of still photography. Using advanced lighting techniques*** with both strobes and continuous lights (not to worry if you are new to lights—Michael and George will be there to help you), incorporating motion blur, and featuring incredible athletes and martial artists we will set up a wide variety of scenarios to practice and produce stunning images.

Michael has spent the entirety of his career capturing images of athletes in motion in remote locations for some of the most prestigious clients in the World including Apple, Nike, Nikon, Fujifilm, Red Bull, Nokia, National Geographic, Sports Illustrated and many more. In Japan we will adapt his techniques to a wide variety of traditional sports, performances, culture and events in stunning locations. The aim of this workshop is to craft images that are dramatic, unusual and out of the norm—images that stand out and grab the viewer’s attention but are unmistakably Japanese.

We will start with a few days in Tokyo, where we have access to some phenomenal athletes and performing artists in a variety of venues. For the second part of the workshop we will travel to the beautiful countryside to work with martial artists, dancers and traditional performers. In addition we will have the opportunity to photograph an exhilarating festival, where we will be able to take the techniques we have learned and use them in an uncontrolled environment. Through out the workshop we will have plenty of time to really get creative and explore the possibilities in each location.

Of course, throughout the workshop, Michael will also share his extensive knowledge of digital workflow and show participants how he works up his images to a very high level. Each day will find us on location capturing powerful images in addition to image critiques, discussions on various techniques, and thinking through the types of images we hope to create that day. Michael first visited Japan in May of 2019 and enjoyed the country so much he immediately hatched the idea to coordinate with George on creating this unique workshop.

George, with his extensive knowledge of Japan, and its culture, will be our guide to help us stay true to the traditions and also dial in our experience so that we not only come away with incredible images but also get to experience a side of Japan that is rarely seen by tourists. George will also instruct you in filling out your Japan portfolio with carefully crafted landscapes, environmental portraits and still-life shooting around the main workshop photography led and taught by Michael.

***All lighting equipment will be provided by Elinchrom and Michael Clark will be there to help fine tune and set up the lighting for all participants. 

Tuition: Pending

Class size: 6 people (limited availability)


  • 5 nights in Tokyo

  • 3 nights in Countryside

  • 8 breakfasts

  • 1 welcome dinner

  • 1 farewell dinner

  • 1 roundtrip express train journey to/from Tokyo-Countryside

  • local transportation within Tokyo (not counting cabs)

  • admissions to any venues/museums/temples/shrines

  • roundtrip bag shipping to/from Countryside using courier service

  • classroom rental fees


  • international airfare

  • trip insurance including cancellation insurance (required)

  • airport transfers

  • extra nights at hotels in Tokyo

  • model fees (will be determined by our group size)

Cost: Itinerary and pricing will be released January 31st, 2023

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Japan: The Fall Colors of Shinshu and Hida

October 20-29, 2023

Location: A Photographic Expedition Through the mountains of Central Japan

Register for The Fall Colors of Shinshu and Hida

Join world-renowned photographer and instructor Michael Clark and creative director/photographer George Nobechi in an all-new photographic road trip adventure through the mountainous Shinshu and Hida regions of Japan during the glorious autumn. This special, nine-night journey is limited to a maximum of 8 participants with Michael and George via private van.

Our expedition will begin in Tokyo on the morning of Thursday, October 20th. There, we will board the Nagano Shinkansen (Bullet Train) to zip northwest to the beautiful mountain resort community of Karuizawa, a little over one hour from Tokyo. Karuizawa is the headquarters for Nobechi Creative and the location for the new Karuizawa Foto Fest (KFF) starting in 2023. As a bonus, photographs you make in Karuizawa will be eligible for submission for the free call-for-entry. Located at over 1,000m (3,300ft) above sea level on the southeastern slopes of Mount Asama, Karuizawa is full of hidden waterfalls, reflective ponds, forests, and sweeping vistas. Michael will teach you how to “light-paint” your subjects as well as photograph mountain landscapes.

Our journey will continue north over the mountains to the Jigokudani Monkey Park, home to the Japanese macaques in surroundings of fall color, and then on to the castle town of Matsumoto, home to the famed and rare black castle, a designated national treasure.

From Matsumoto, we will drive south to the Kiso Valley, the historic home of the Kiso Kaido / Nakasendo Trail that connected the capital city of Edo (present-day Tokyo) to the old capital of Kyoto. This area is full of the best-preserved “post-towns” of the Nakasendo Trail, retaining the ambience of the good old days of the Edo period. In addition to photographing the beautiful towns, we will work on portraiture here with natural and artificial light.

Our next stop takes us into Kamikochi, a stunning, high-elevation area within the Japanese Alps known for its alpen color, but also for its spiritual ponds with shinto shrines. Kamikochi does not allow private vehicles of any kind, making it a very quiet, beautiful slice of mountain paradise.

Our final destination will be a short drive to the west, to neighboring Gifu Prefecture and the quaint town of Takayama. With our many local friends and connections there, we will be spending an intense few days making environmental portraits of martial artists, sake brewers, miso makers, ceramicists and Buddhist monks.

The return journey to Tokyo will then begin with a picturesque train-ride south through Gifu Prefecture to Nagoya, where you will transfer on to the bullet train for the final leg of the journey back to Tokyo, with a chance to see Mount Fuji along the way if it is a clear day.

For the full list of details please visit the Nobechi Creative website.

Class size: 8 people (Minimum 6 people required for the class to proceed)

Cost: Approximately $7,450 per person (double occupancy) + $705.40 VAT, Single Supplement +$595 USD

Deposit: A $2,500 deposit will be required to secure a booking. Japan at this time is still not fully open to travelers from overseas. All travelers signing up for this trip must therefore enroll in travel insurance that includes trip cancellation insurance. The balance will be due 45 days before departure if Japan opens its borders. If Japan remains closed, your deposit will be refunded in full, minus $100 in booking fees incurred from the credit card payment processing, or your deposit can be transferred to another workshop instead.

Note that all payments go to Nobechi Creative in Japan. 

For more information and to register for this workshop visit the Nobechi Creative website.

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Stay tuned for other workshops coming later this year…