Underwater Photography article on Nikon’s Learn & Explore website

For the last four years I have been writing a bi-annual column for Nikon World Magazine entitled Workshop. Sadly, Nikon World Magazine is no more, but the editorial content for the Fall 2013 issue was already in the can so to speak. Hence, instead of appearing in Nikon World, my last Workshop column has been moved online to the Nikon USA Learn and Explore website. This article, entitled Workshop: Waterworld, details the ins and outs of underwater photography with a variety of gear.

This article details three images created in and under the water with various water housings including a Ewa-Marine bag and SPL water housings. “Photographing in and around water opens up an entirely new world of exciting possibilities, but it also complicates the photographic process for pro shooters like me who take their D-SLRs near, into and under the water. While requisites include diving skills, underwater housings and, at certain depths, underwater lights, digital photography provides a big bonus: the ability to shoot hundreds if not thousands of images without having to take the camera out of the water and out of the housing.”

My thanks to Nikon for running this Workshop article on their website and for a great four-year run working with Nikon World Magazine.

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