The New GoPro HERO 3+

It isn’t often that I post here on the blog about a new product but GoPro has just released an updated version of the GoPro Hero 3. The Hero 3+ features some significant upgrades to the venerated Hero 3. Along with the Hero 3+, GoPro also released the above 4 minute video showing what the Hero 3+ is capable of. I have to say the footage in this montage, shot by a wide variety of athletes and animals, is some the most incredible video footage I have ever seen. Whether or not you need a GoPro, take the time to view the above video and expand your world.

Some of the new features in the new Hero 3+ are:

– High-resolution, high-frame rate 1440p48, 1080p60, 960p100 and 720p120 video modes
– 4Kp15 and 2.7Kp30 enable ultra high-resolution, cinema quality capture
– 12MP stills at up to 30 frames per second
– 20% smaller and lighter than previous models
– 30% more battery life
– 4x faster WiFi (built-in)
– A new Auto Low Light feature, which changes frame rates based on lighting conditions for enhanced low-light performance
– 33% increase in image sharpness thanks to its sharper lens and 2x reduction in imaging artifacts
– SuperView movie mode allows you to shoot 1080p (1920 x 1080 video resolution) w/ the Ultra Wide field of view

At only $399 for the Hero 3+ Black Edition, this latest version isn’t exactly a no-brainer but for the average cinematographer it costs less than many of the filters we use on the front of our HD DSLRs or RED Cinema cameras. I’ll be adding a few of these to the kit at some point here.

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