Pictureline.com: Workflow Fridays

For the last few months, I have been providing Pictureline.com with in-depth Workflow Friday blog posts on the topic of digital workflow. In case you haven’t heard of Pictureline, they are a high-end camera store and rental house based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Each Friday, they feature a new blog post on a digital workflow topic. These “Workflow Fridays” are a series of blog posts that build upon each other and mimic the flow of my very popular e-book, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom: A Professional Photographer’s Workflow. Each of these blog posts details what I consider crucial steps in a solid digital workflow.

While this series of blog posts covers a fairly large swath of a well-thought-out digital workflow they will not, and cannot replace the depth provided by my e-book. Nonetheless, these are a good primer for those looking for tips to advance or enhance their digital workflow. Over the years, I have blogged on the topic of digital workflow for Adobe, O’Reilly, ShootSmarter and a few other companies. Digital workflow has reached a fairly mature state but it is still a constantly evolving area of digital photography. As such, I am happy to share tips and techniques I use on the Pictureline blog.

My thanks to Pictureline for reaching out to me and for making this happen. Stay tuned to Pictureline.com for upcoming blog posts each Friday.

P.S. – Pictureline also published a blog post earlier this week, entitled Michael Clark: Holiday Wish List 2013, which details my “must-have” photo items and gives a brief description of why I find them so valuable for my work. While some of the items on this list are pretty pricey (i.e. A Nikon D800 camera body for example), I have also included some very affordable items like the Lenspen.

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