B&H Explora Blog: Inspiration for the New Year

bh_header_newyearsLate last year, I was asked by B&H if I would work up a blog post in the style of New Year’s Resolutions. Over the course of two weeks I assembled ten topics that I wanted to work on in 2015 on both a professional and personal basis. These resolutions included everything from shooting more personal projects and motion projects to getting less stressed out on asignments. What follows are a few clips from that blog post.

Shoot more personal projects: The past few years have shown me that the images I produce when shooting for my portfolio are quite marketable and often end up being licensed to a wide range of clients. In light of this fact, and because shooting personal projects and portfolio images allows me to push the envelope creatively, I need to free up some time to shoot for myself. For 2015, I need to plan some photo shoots that continue this tradition and push me on a technical and creative level to create something new and noteworthy.

Meet with clients in person: Some things never change. In the end, working as a pro photographer comes down to relationships with clients, athletes (for a lot of my work), models, and everyone else that I work with. I have found that meeting with people face to face and showing them my print portfolio in person is not only a fun exercise, but it is also still the best form of marketing.

Continue having a grand adventure: One of the reasons I photograph adventure sports is that I love being adventurous. Having an adventure is inspiring and makes me feel alive. On my trip to the Amazon this past year, we had a discussion about what constitutes an “adventure.” Some of us talked about risk, some of us talked about things not going as planned, but I think the best summation was that an adventure begins when the outcome is unknown and you step out of your comfort zone. I hope to be out of my comfort zone quite a bit in 2015.

My thanks to B&H Photo & Video for including me in the mix alongside thirteen of my peers. To see all of the blog posts visit the B&H website. You can read my New Year’s Resolutions on the B&H Explora blog.


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