Depth of Field Interview with Matt Brandon

A little over a month ago I got an email from Matt Brandon who is a photographer based in Kuala Lumpur. He not only shoots some fantastic images for NGOs but also teaches photography workshops and has recorded a number of interviews with professional photographers, talking about their work and the realities of working as a pro in this day and age. It took us a few attempts before we could record the interview because the connection on Skype was a bit rough but we finally got it to work a few weeks ago and it is now online. In the interview we talk about my work as an adventure photographer, some of my history and how I started out as well as some of the difficulties working as an adventure photographer. The interview also talks at length about my newsletter and how that is an integral part of my marketing.

If you have an hour or so check out the interview here on Matt’s website at www.the

My thanks to Matt for taking the time to produce this interview. It was a pleasure getting to know him and his work and to be able to do the interview. Please note the sound quality is a bit rough for the first minute or so but gets better for the rest of the interview pretty quickly. Also, Matt has quite a few other great Depth of Field interviews on his website as well. Check those out here.

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