The Copyright battle begins again!

This past week I heard from ASMP (American Society of media Photographers) National that two versions of the Orphan Works bill has been introduced – one in the House and one in the Senate. Photographers and artists alike have been fighting off this bill for a few years now. And it seems like the lead professional photography associations that have been working with folks on the hill – both ASMP and PPA – have given up to some degree stating that no matter how loudly we cry foul some version of this bill will be passed. They are just trying to limit the damage the bill can do from my understanding. If you are a photographer it is time to contact your senators and congress members.

Also, I found a very interesting article on the UK Editorial Photographers website by EPUK moderator Tony Sleep entitled Why the Orphan Works Act is Uncle Sam’s thieves’ charter that talks about the new bills in detail. It is very interesting to see just how much our own copyright legislation affects the rest of the world. Tony points out a lot of real world facts about copyright infringement that with the current laws that will be further strained if a version of this bill is passed. Stay tuned to ASMP, PPA, APA or EP for more information on how you can help defeat this bill.

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