Apple’s Latest Macbook Pro Features Michael’s Image

Just this morning I noticed that Apple featured one of my images on the latest generation of MacBook Pro computers that were announced earlier today. This wasn’t a huge surprise as I sent the photos to them for this usage over a month ago but it was nice to see it come through. If you are wondering which image is mine it is the one above on the right computer. This surfing shot was a shot captured the day before the 2009/2010 Eddie Aikau when the waves were still peaking at around 30-40 feet. You can read all about the new MacBook Pros on the Apple website here. And you can see my image on their website on the Performance page here.

Strangely enough just after I took screenshots of this image above, my MacPro Tower’s main hard drive crashed and I have been restoring it from the backup (created with SuperDuper) for the last few hours. Such is life. I also had a hard drive failure in my RAID 5 array just a few days ago. It is amazing to me how unstable hard drives are these days. I can’t wait for affordable solid state drives with decent storage capabilities to become available but sadly I think that is still a ways off.

I have some more stuff in the pipeline with Apple so stay tuned for that in future blog updates and in the Newsletter.

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