Across the Patagonian Ice Field: An Expedition Photography Workshop

patagonia-ice-cap-1I am very excited to announce a new type of photography workshop – an expedition style photography workshop organized by Vertical Shot Expeditions. On this adventure six participants and I, along with two local guides, will traverse a section of the Patagonia Ice Cap over the course of seven to eight days. We will start in El Chalten, Argentina and make our way to the back side of the Fitzroy group and come off the ice cap near Cerro Torre. The workshop will last 11 days total. At the end of the trek, we will spend one full day in El Chalten editing, working up and critiquing our images.

This is going to be a once in a lifetime opportunity and I hope you can join me on this incredible journey. Below is a brief description of this expedition. For the full description with all of the details visit the Vertical Shot Expeditions website.

Across the Patagonian Ice Field – Life on the Ice, Southern Argentina

January 25 – February 4, 2016

Location: Patagonia Ice Cap, Argentina


As far as we know, a photographic workshop has never before been held on the Patagonian Ice Field. We are extremely thrilled to announce this first-of-its-kind expedition for photographers.

You have surely seen thousands of images of the iconic mountains Cerro Torre and Fitz Roy. But how many photos have you seen shot from the other side of these mountains? That’s right – not many. Yet the views from the ice cap are far more striking than those from the easily accessible viewpoints by the road. The Patagonian Ice Field is the third largest mass of ice on Earth and is a virtually untouched remote wilderness area.

The adventure will be led by two highly experienced mountain guides and the American outdoor photographer Michael Clark. Michael’s work is used by many notable organizations. The expedition is eleven days long, and you will spend a week of this trekking across the ice cap and photographing the stunning Marconi glacier, Cerro Torre, Fitz Roy and numerous other majestic peaks rising straight from the ice. The experience may be similar to landing on the Moon, in that the landscape will be unlike anything that you have photographed before.

This workshop is limited to six participants. At the end of this expedition, we will spend an entire day recovering in El Chalten, working up images and critiquing the images created on this expedition.

For a detailed itinerary and much more information on this exciting workshop visit the Vertical Shot Expedition website.

Workshop fee: $6,100
Please Note that this expedition is being run by Vertical Shot Expeditions, which is a European company so payments will be sent to Europe.

This is a strenuous trek in a harsh environment. No technical skills or previous glacier walking experience are required, but participants must to have camping and trekking experience prior to starting the expedition. When completing the booking form, please outline your previous outdoor experience. You should be fit to hike with a 50 pound (25 kg) backpack for 6-8 hours per day (unless you wish to hire a porter and trek just with your camera gear).

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